York Bio Major Enters Atlanta Medical School - York College/CUNY

York Bio Major Enters Atlanta Medical School – York College/CUNY

Vincent Roberts is the fourth December 2021/June 2022 graduate to be admitted to medical school; and a third immigrant from Guyana this season.

Mr. Roberts accepted an offer from the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta (MSM) for a merit scholarship of $10,000 per semester. It is currently applying for additional funding.

“I chose medical school based on three qualities that were important to me,” Roberts said. “Diversity, outreach and research opportunities; MSM has a great combination of these three. York has always been very diverse and inclusive. As a result, I came to school more often either to study or to go during work hours. [to see professors]. Therefore, when looking for medical schools, I made sure to look for schools with the same environment as in York.”

Roberts, his parents, and two older brothers arrived in the United States from an English-speaking South American country in 2003; and his parents are glad to see that their sacrifice is rewarded by the success of their children.

“They were happy to hear the good news,” Roberts said. “My parents have always supported me in all my endeavors. They taught me the importance of staying disciplined and optimistic. They abandoned their family and friends in Guyana so that their children could have a better life here in America. I owe them a debt that I can never repay. Everything I do, I do for them.”

The future doctor is not the first of the Roberts children to graduate from York College. His older brothers are also college graduates. As for what he plans to eventually major in, York biology, right now it’s choice, choice, choice.

“I am amazed at the amount of specialization available,” said Roberts. “At first I wanted to become a psychiatrist to help fight the plague that mental illness has caused in Indo-Caribbean communities. Emergency medicine also caught my attention. I have been working as a paramedic for about three months. I mostly work in an ambulance, but there are times when I am with the nurses in the emergency room.”

Roberts explained that he also enjoys “a fast-paced environment where quick thinking and immediate help are critical. I would be open to the surgical specialty. I grew up helping my father with construction, so I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands.”

When asked how much York helped him achieve his goal, Roberts responded boisterously.

“York played an incredibly important role in achieving my goal,” he said. Knowledgeable and patient teachers work at the Department of Biology. These professors have made it clear that hard work and perseverance is the only way to succeed in their classes.”

He added that he “managed to find professors who were more than willing to guide me on my path to medical school. For example, Dr. [Alexander] Birk was always ready to help me. Whether it was mock interviews, verification of a personal statement, or general advice, Dr. Birk was always there to motivate me. I really wouldn’t have gotten into med school if it wasn’t for the amazing [faculty] in York.”

Dr. Jong-ILL Lee, Chemistry Mentor, shared the good news.

“I’m very happy for him,” Dr. Lee said. “He is a very positive and warm person. He was not a spark leader; but never dying warm sun in our study sessions. He always worked with others and tried to thoroughly understand the material at every stage: slowly but surely.”

York College congratulates the future Dr. Roberts; and wishes him all the best as he completes his medical degree, preparing to serve our communities.

**During its 55 year history, York College has sent hundreds of students to medical schools. Most come from the departments of biology and chemistry, but sometimes from the departments of physics, geology, anthropology and, in at least one case, from the department of English. The last batch continues the glorious tradition.

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